8 Important Points to know In the situation of 21 Days of Lockdown:


PM Modi addressed the nation on 24th March to talk over the ongoing pandemic. In his speech, he requested people to follow ‘a complete lockdown for 21 Days’ — a self-initiated responsibility by the people in which he urged the public to stay at home for 21 days. Along with this, he also told that the government is taking all the necessary steps to counter this pandemic. On this note, here are the top 8 most important points from PM Modi’s speech over this worldwide unrest:

1. Focus on your energy to counter this situation:

He started his speech by saying that we must counter this crisis with determination. We need to focus on the energies that will help to protect us from this epidemic. He also addressed that difficulties will do occur in such a situation and sometimes, as a citizen, the expectations aren’t met.

2. Not to cut wages of people:

The second most important update PM Modi gave to all the business owners of the country is about wages distribution. He urges all the high-earning classes not to cut wages of their workers, employees and other people. It is time to take care of their economic concerns in these tough situations.

3. Need not to store things in the house:

After that, PM Modi requested all not to hoard food and other stuff in their houses as everything will be available to them. There will be a constant supply of all the essential commodities for everybody in the country.

4. For Medical centers and clinics:

PM later told everybody to avoid frequent visits to their doctors for regular health checkups. He added that if possible take the advice from the doctors over the phone and avoid going into crowded places like clinics and maintain needful precautions. He further added that we also need to ensure to not put unnecessary loads on doctors and other health staff members.

5. Huge praise for service people:

The people who are working round the clock to serve other people deserve praise. Modi addressed media, railway, security administration, home delivery staff and other such people who are working selflessly.

6. Call at least 10 people:

To spread awareness in the country, PM asks everybody to call at least 10 people they know and spread awareness about this ongoing unrest and explain to them about the importance of Complete Lockdown.

7. Go out, only if it is very urgent:

India is in the second stage and it is easy to control the growing number of patients by taking needful measures. PM Modi urged not to go out of the house if it’s not very important.  He urges people to avoid going out for the next 21 days.

8. It’s time to check readiness:

PM Modi encouraged everyone to take extra precautions. He further added that — This is the testing time for our nation.

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