How does Custom Orders Work?

Fatafat is a concierge that you are looking for your city. It is an on-demand delivery service available in Chandigarh city. We believe, you live a hassle free life while we work for you. We ensure the highest satisfactory service, while keeping in mind distance is no bar. We pick up and deliver anything in your city: Ranging from your favourite pizza or burger, pharmacy, groceries, laundry, pet supplies, books, your next phone or any other electronic item. Or even we will provide you the details of  best service merchants available in your city to make your home, clothes or you personally clean and ready for A game. No cash, no hassle, we also accept the online payments to make your life much more simpler. 

We pick and drop whatever you need even the charger that you forgotten at home, keys that didn’t make into your pocket, the love filled meal boxes specially made for you that took time to prepare. Anything you have in mind to pickup and deliver, we will be the answer to it.

These are the simple steps you have to follow to make a hassle free Custom Orders on Fatafat

  • STEP 1 - Register on the site by signing up by email or to make it Fatafat, by signing up with your choice of social login options .

  • STEP 2 - Then press on the Custom Order sign that is being displayed on your screen and make a wish.

  • STEP 3 - Ask Us to pick anything and everything on the customer order page and select the delivery address. 

  • STEP 4 - We will make the best efforts to find the ordered things and give you a price quotation, for which you can pay online to start the delivery process and get the item(s) Fatafat.

  • STEP 5 - If for any changes in the order, or if quoted price is above the budget, or even if you want us to pick something up in between,  We will connect you to one of our well trained customer support executives and you can chat with them for the respective requests. 

  • STEP 6 - If you think everything is still unclear, contact our support for help. We will be happy helping you in all matters.


         Have a very Happy Ordering experience and enjoy the service, as much as we do serving you, Fatafat!!