Cost Starts From

$2500 onwards

Renewal cost will apply

Present in 4 Countries

India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Kenya

Coming Soon In

United Kingdom, Oman, Zambia & Mexico!

Extra services

Shout out for our long-lasting relationship and enjoy the perks of Fatafat Franchise

IN Fatafat Franchise

In Fatafat Franchise, We are providing the complete technology which includes
Customer Application, Merchant
Application, Biker Application and Business


Patented Design of Material which can be
used for Offline Marketing as a
Promotional Tool.


As a Service which includes the complete
marketing platform suite to generate
more and more number of Orders
in your Country.

Along with franchise

Along with Franchise, we can also offer
Operations as a Service which includes
a centralized training system, regular
research, development activities,
customer support, services from
the order management team.

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