Fast, Safe, Convenient, Contactless Doorstep Delivery with Fatafat

These words are what everyone is wishing for, during this COVID 19 Epidemic.

While the nation is battling the 21-day lockdown with an objective of practising and ensuring ‘social distancing’, it is utmost important to emphasise on “contactless” delivery and discourage venturing out of your houses.We at Fatafat - have collaborated with the local merchants and are answering to all your wishes relating to your delivery needs while ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and sanitization are maintained.

There is a simple 4 step process that we at FATAFAT follow, to ensure contactless, safe delivery

Merchant Flow

Delivery Agent Role

Having contactless and convenient deliveries through FATAFAT would help us all in the fight against the unseen reasons of spreading the virus. During this time of lockdown, when everyone has limited access to local vendor stores, FATAFAT will be a helping hand. Since we wouldn't want anyone to come in contact with people at the local vendor stores or exchange money that might be infected, and for other reasons like this,as you might get infected.We at fatafat understand the need of collective responsibility and hence have made these transactions completely “commission-free” for merchants, with an objective that they earn all the profits that they are making. Get started with Fatafat

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