Fast, safe, convenient, contactless doorstep delivery with Fatafat

Fast, safe, convenient, contactless doorstep delivery – These words are what everyone is wishing for, during this COVID 19 Epidemic. We at FATAFAT understand the need of collective responsibility and hence have made these transactions completely “commission-free” for merchants, with an objective that they earn all the profits that they are making.

There is a simple 8 step process that we at FATAFAT will follow, to ensure contactless, safe delivery :

  1. The customer downloads the Fatafat App
  2. Once downloaded the customer will have a list of local merchants who can deliver the supplies.
  3. After choosing the local vendor, the customer can select the items to be delivered at his place.
  4. Once the order is placed by the customer, the merchant confirms the order and it becomes a task on the app automatically.
  5. The Merchant ensures that the order has been packed by maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and sanitization.
  6. The Delivery agent gets the notification, picks up the supplies from the merchant and delivers on the doorsteps of the customer.
  7. The customer gets a notification of the delivery, makes the payment and collects the supplies from the doorstep.
  8. Finally, Confirmation of the delivery to the customer is updated at the app.

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