Why did we get into the On-demand delivery Franchise business?

“The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind,

The answer is blowin’ in the wind.”

Samar Singla is into everything. From High Tech On-demand Technology like Jugnoo to On-demand Delivery Service like Fatafat.

Fatafat seems to be taking over the world.

The list goes on And on…

Oh…and Franchising.

According to an article on BusinessWorld, where Samar Singla said: “We are trying to find out the things that people want, and trying to solve them using technology. We are disrupting the traditional ways people do things.” Well, that’s quite an impressive way of putting his vision out in front of the world.

In the same interview, he added: “These days people want things such as food, groceries and other stuff delivered at home. So we are trying to give them a platform where they can find everything at their fingertips, from their homes.”  

Exactly, that was the point when “FATAFAT” was under the development stage. So now the next question that will come into your head is “What exactly is Fatafat”?

Let’s understand Fatafat with an example, I think examples are the best way to explain things. “After all we lead by an Example, Right”? 🙂

Let’s say on a lazy Sunday you and your pet are hungry but going out to buy food is a task of a lifetime for you. In that case just list down all your groceries, food items from your favourite restaurant, pet supplies for your furry ball and place an order from Fatafat.me, and we’ll deliver it at your doorstep in a flash.

Or you left your charger at home? Don’t worry we will deliver that too at your office location. Just one click and then leave your last minute deliveries on us.

So in other words, “Fatafat is an on-demand delivery service app that gets everything delivered at your location within 30 mins”.  

With Fatafat order groceries, medicines, food, send out couriers, or even get random things picked up from all around the city. In short “Fatafat is your Full-time Delivery Partner”.

So now comes the even more interesting part that will take all the aspiring entrepreneurs “head over heels”. Fatafat has started giving franchise globally and that’s huge. And the best part is, Fatafat has got very overwhelming response from the customers.

On- demand delivery Franchise comes with multiple benefits:

  • Get the best in class tools and technology, designed to keep your on-demand delivery business operation running smoothly
  • You will also get complete hands-on training from the experts
  • And the icing on the cake is 24/7 ongoing support from the team who will drive you through any on-road issues, plus you will get your own personal account manager.

This sounds like a good opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to have a business of their own as soon as possible.

Make your dream to be an entrepreneur a reality with Fatafat On-demand delivery franchise Apply Here.

Happy Franchising! 🙂 Have a Nice Day!

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