Boost your sales with 12 must-have features for your food ordering app.

Online food ordering market in India is growing and Indian consumers are showing a big appetite for getting their food delivered. They are completely moved by the technological experience and most importantly convenience of getting food delivered at the doorsteps.

According to the survey by Market Research Future, the online food ordering market will grow at around 16% annually and is likely to go up to USD 17.02 billion by 2023.

Today every small, medium and large scale restaurants, pubs, clubs, etc are moving to have their own online food ordering website and applications. International players like UBER have also entered the Indian market. But in this world full of online food aggregator platforms you have to stand out with your own brand name and ordering application.

So having your own restaurant app for your restaurant is of utmost importance:

The main purpose of going online is to increase the orders and give a better ordering experience to your customers. There are numerous online app builders in the market but finding the one which suits all your requirements will take time, effort and will definitely cost you a lot of money too.

Features that you should look for in a SaaS platform while taking your restaurant business online:

Live Order Tracking:

Real-time order tracking will help you in increasing the productivity of your restaurant business and will increase customer satisfaction. Imagine your self placing an order from a restaurant and your order has not arrived from an hour and you can’t track the orders. Imagine the amount of frustration you will have. That’s why it is important to track real-time orders.

Advanced Search Filters:

Advanced search filters will help your customers to search for the items they are looking for with minimum efforts. This makes the ordering process real quick. Also, the chances of cart abandonment reduce exponentially.

CSV Import:

Food delivery business has multiple food items to sell. Adding all the cuisines that you serve and then dishes with side orders is a long and time-consuming process. So it is important to have a feature of importing CSV file to add all products in one go.

Inventory Management:

Inventory Management is another crucial aspect of a food delivery business. You have to keep the track on the availability of food items. If not available you can mark the item out of stock and stop taking orders for those items or dishes.

Time-based Menu:

The time-based menu is also an important feature because while owning a restaurant you might have different dishes to offer with respect to time i.e lunch, dinner, etc. For example, restaurants have a different menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Chat Support:

Chat support plays a very important role in an online food business. This helps your customer can reach out to you in no time with their queries and concerns. Ultimately this leads to customer satisfaction, retention and boosting sales.

N level Catalogue:

Having a catalogue is very vital in the food delivery business because a customer has to see the food items that you serve. The flexibility to set up any number of subcategories or side items is important in food delivery items.

Social Media Logins:

Consumers are spending their most of the time on social media platforms and having social media logins, the fastest way to get your customers on-boarded. With one click, your customers will be able to sign up to your application and place an order.

Discount and Promo Codes:

Running discounts and offers with promo codes on your online restaurant app will you get more traffic, Also with these offers like Buy One, Get One you can boost sales and build customer loyalty.

Search Engine Optimization:

Marketing feature is the main pillar for any business. It help your business in customer acquisition and building brand image. Having the SEO feature in your online restaurant app will get you more potential customers and your restaurant will rank better on the search engines.

Payment Gateways:

Payment gateways integration is very important because customers are often hesitant while doing an online transaction, As they fear fraud and prefer using trusted payment gateways.


Tracking your online food business day to day activities and looking at trends will give you a lot of insights on how your business is operating. Analytics will show you the metrics like average signups or number of orders per day and much more. Downloading the reports and analyzing them will give you action points to improve.

Well, all the above-mentioned features are crucial for online food ordering platform. These criteria will help you in evaluating the decision to opt for the best suited SaaS platform to start your online food delivery business.

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