How Fatafat – A hyperlocal delivery business empowering Indian Buyers?

Indian consumers are now embracing the concept of “Door-step” or “Hyperlocal” delivery for anything & from anywhere. And you’ll be surprised to know that the online grocery delivery service is one of the fastest-growing segments in the on-demand industry.

Grocery delivery is projected to “reach INR 100 Billion revenue over the period of next three years” according to CRISIL. In addition, according to the studies conducted at Wharton projected that “Indians spend 50% of their income in buying groceries.”

So, now imagine how profitable it is for someone to start Online Grocery Delivery business. This is not some difficult mathematical equation to understand but it takes common sense to infer the information from given data.

Today one of the most buzzing Hyperlocal Delivery Platform is Fatafat. And in fact, “Fatafat is your full-time delivery partner order anything and everything at your doorsteps around the clock”. 

Okay so first let’s understand what is a hyper-local delivery business?

On-demand hyperlocal delivery business refers to the delivery service provided to the customer within the city. It empowers the customer to order anything and everything includes items like food, groceries, vegetables, medicines, flowers etc. 

A customer will simply place an order from the Fatafat application and the ordered item will be delivered to their doorsteps.

About Fatafat: 

  • Launched in 2016
  • India’s 1st Concierge Service Provider
  • Operational in 20+ Cities 
  • With 10+ Million customer base

Benefits of using Fatafat:

Order Around The Clock:

Today one of the major problems in the on-demand industry is the late-night delivery. But wait we’ve got good news for you, “with Fatafat you can order around the clock” and yes, when we say Fatafat is your “Full-time delivery partner”, we mean it.

Custom Orders: 

With Fatafat you can place custom orders. In other words, “a customer can share the specific item he or she is looking for and our team will search for the product around the market and will get it delivered at your doorsteps.

Online Order Tracking:

In the hyper-local delivery business model, live order tracking plays a major role. Fatafat allows the customers to see the live status of their order and see the order in transit. You can even connect with your delivery agent over the phone in case of any concerns.

Rating and review option:

On Fatafat customers can also give reviews and ratings to the merchants. A customer can rate a merchant after they order something from the merchant. Reviews and ratings help customers to decide from where to buy the product.

Easy & Hassle-free payment:

When it comes to mode of payment, different customers have different preferences. While placing an order on Fatafat you can choose your mode of like you can pay by cash, card or your online wallets. 

Over time Fatafat has become India’s No.1 hyperlocal delivery platform and customers trust the platform on three grounds: it’s Fast, Safe and Reliable. Wish to know more about visit our website here.

Not on Fatafat yet? Download the app now!

Happy Ordering! 🙂

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