Why Investing In An On-Demand Franchise Is Cost-Effective.

On-Demand Franchise Model of business is gaining popularity in India over the last couple of years. This is due to fact that franchise is a safer and cost-effective option than starting up a business from scratch.

Better idea than starting your own franchise business

So what’s a better idea than starting your own franchise business! In On-demand industry which is changing the way of doing business and serving consumers. On-demand platforms like Uber & Zomato have had a significant impact on respective sectors. And it’s one of the most booming industries or sectors globally.

What research says about On-demand industry.

According to a research done by Harvard Business Review, “the on-demand industry is attracting more than 22.4 million people annually. And generates revenue worth 57 billion, not only this. PWC has predicted that on-demand economy will reach a whopping US$335 billion by 2025“.

Are you considering venturing into the world of entrepreneurship?

So buying a franchise in on-demand industry, is one of the easiest and affordable ways to break into business ownership. Giving your entrepreneurial side a chance to make your business dreams a reality.

We understand that starting up a franchise is an important decision. But starting up a franchise comes along with the number of cost-saving benefits.

Cost-Saving Benefits of Buying a Franchise

While signing a franchise agreement, you will be completely aware of the terms and conditions for being a franchise and the different costs involved like upfront and recurring. But it also comes with multiple cost-saving benefits that you won’t be able to enjoy while being a startup owner.

Elimination of Brand awareness expenses:

Buying a franchise will give you an established brand name in the market with minimum investment. It generally takes years to create a brand image or recognition with a lot of money invested in marketing expenditure. The on-demand industry is one in which support from an established brand will boost your business with minimum cost. This will give you faster returns on investment as people know your franchisor brand.

Technological Enhancements:

Another very huge cost-benefit of buying an on-demand franchise is that you don’t need you to spend extra resources and money for the development or maintenance of the technology. As the whole ecosystem of on-demand industry is based on the user experience and the latest technology used in your application or website. Fatafat is one example of a franchise company who stay up to date on every aspect of business with best in class technology to maintain the brand image and boost their growth further.

Turnkey System:

A franchise is a turnkey business concept that has been developed and tested by the franchisor. Running your own on-demand franchise will save time and money for you as a franchisee because you don’t have to look into the process and streamline it. On-demand industry is fast growing and franchisor makes sure that every process and technology is in place with respect to changing the business environment.   

Professional Training and 24*7 Customer  Support:

When you own a franchise another cost benefit that you will get that is you will be always be properly trained by the franchisor for absolutely no cost. You don’t have to do hit and trial to run your business and spend your money on experiments. Not only this you will also be getting 24*7 customer support for assistance to establish and run your business successfully.

Isn’t that amazing?

Your dream to be an entrepreneur is about to change into reality. All you need to do is, invest your money in the on-demand franchise and you will see your revenue growing in no time.  There is a very good example of the growing franchise business in India that is:

Fatafat powered by Jugnoo, “Fatafat aims at delivering anything & everything your customer desires. From food & groceries to meals & medicines, we have got it all covered”, that too in 30 minutes.

So, it’s time for you to start your own business by starting a franchise that is India’s 1st concierge service provider, with 10 million customers pan India.  

Turn your dream of being an entrepreneur into reality with Fatafat Franchise.

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