Reasons why do people order food online On FATAFAT?

The online food ordering market in India is growing and Indian consumers are showing a big appetite for getting their orders delivered to them. They are completely moved by the technological experience and most importantly convenience of getting the orders delivered at their doorstep.

When you’re having a long exhausting day at work, having a meal delivered to you is the best way to wrap up your day; after all, the last thing you would want to worry about is spending time in the kitchen. Ordering food online is the easiest way to get your dinner on-demand.

According to the latest survey by Ask your target Market’s: 68% of the surveyed population thinks it is an easy and convenient system to order online and 27% said they believe it is the best system for ordering food. A mere 5% of respondents who tried ordering food online found the system unsatisfactory.

So let’s get you on board!

FATAFAT is your on-demand delivery platform where you can order anything; be it food, groceries, medicines, flowers, gifts, pet supplies, home services, custom orders and much more; all this delivered at your doorstep in not more than 40 minutes!

The basis of making FATAFAT your most reliable source when ordering online are: 

1. FATAFAT saves time:

Ordering on FATAFAT is quick, easy and straightforward. The FATAFAT app, as well as the website, make it easy to find a restaurant based on your preferred cuisine from a nearby location and allows you to browse quickly from all the available choices.

Once you know what you want, simply add it to your cart and place your order. There is no need for you to reach out to your chosen restaurant yourself and waste precious time.

2. A variety of options:

One of the reasons people often use FATAFAT nowadays is that it offers them with tons of options to choose from. When you head out to eat, you have to decide on a restaurant before leaving your house and sometimes you don’t even get to enjoy your favorite meal once you are there.

With FATAFAT you’ve got more options and can decide on a restaurant after comparing with a few others available.

3. Lets you Multi-Task:

When you go out to eat, you dedicate your entire portion of time to your restaurant experience. FATAFAT lets you multi-task and allows you to take care of other important stuff while you wait for your meal to be delivered at your doorstep.

4. No Confusion On your order:

Things get lost in translation when you order food over the phone and even when you order at the restaurant. When you order from FATAFAT, there is a digital record of your order.

In FATAFAT you will be able to add relevant notes and information for each order so that the restaurant has a clear idea when considering your special requests.

5. Better Accuracy:

Generally, it’s easy for a rushed restaurant’s staff to simply try to fill in the blanks. This can result in an incorrect address or incorrect name. But with FATAFAT, you are in complete control of your information; from how you spell your name to the correct street number on your address.

6. 24*7 Available:

The clock can’t decide our working hours, we are at your service around the clock! You can order anything from food, groceries, and medicines to pet supplies, flowers, gifts, and electronic items and we will provide you with the most convenient and effortless way to order around the clock.

7. Custom Orders:

Apart from all this, FATAFAT also provides its customers with CUSTOM ORDERS which means if you’ve ordered something that is not listed on the platform, then we will hunt it out for you (even across the oceans!) and will get it delivered to you at the lowest prices possible.

Now let’s get you on board with FATAFAT and help you to meet your daily requirements in a jiffy. So hurry up, don’t waste your time and order fast with FATAFAT. We are happy to serve you!

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