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What are we most likely to do when we returned home all broke and hungry after School, College or Office. Certainly, going to the kitchen and cooking is something we would mostly avoid. You will either need someone who can cook for you or you will most likely pick up your phone and request a delightful supper immediately!

Nowadays people no longer drive to restaurants rather intriguing rarities from famous eateries come running at their doorstep. Concentrate on consumer convenience has driven the food industry to a great extent depend on web-based versatile applications as they permit convenient order placement and quicker doorstep delivery.

Customers are now able to order multiple dishes from multiple restaurants using a solitary application. These type of on-demand delivery helps customers to :

  • Rate and review the restaurants & the delivery services.
  • Pay more safely and conveniently.
  • Track the order processing from endorsement to conveyance.

Popular on-demand services like Swiggy, Zomato, Foodpanda, etc. have engrossed an on-demand delivery market by 41% and urging speculators to wander and contribute towards better growth and development. However, these industries have only focused on “on-demand food delivery services.”Now can you imagine something which can be a “One Stop Shop” for your all needs?  

So, here we are, bringing your imagination into reality. The wait is over now as FATAFAT is here to serve you. Our aim is to make your everyday hassle-free. Be it food, Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Groceries, Medicines, Gifts, etc. we get them all delivered to your doorsteps in a very short span of time. Gone are the days when people used a single-purpose application that just offers on-demand food delivery. Now the FATAFAT has changed the scenario dramatically. Hundreds of shops are just a tap away! 

One app-Hundreds of shops for each service! Just open the app, put your location, and list quickly pops up showing shops & services available nearby. Now let’s take a scenario to understand what FATAFAT is:

Now, you might have been in a situation when you forgot your important document at your home and certainly, you cannot come back to collect it because you have a meeting. So, this is where we come into the picture! Yes, you heard it right! FATAFAT will do that for you and delivers that important document or anything at your doorstep.

The FATAFAT service is currently live in various cities of India access via its mobile app. The delivery service is live 24/7 around the clock. It gives the customer the power to order anytime and anywhere within the city ( we can be your best friends for late-night cravings 🙂 ). The biggest advantage of FATAFAT service is :

No minimum order: The menu will be “daily-changing and handpicked”, it will include “premium sandwiches, meal combos, and exclusive desserts, among others without any minimum order price.” Food will be sourced from “some popular brands of the cities” and they will be put through quality checks.

FATAFAT is sister concern of JUGNOO, “A one-stop solution to fulfill your all needs”. The easiest and fastest way to get your order at your doorstep. We are happy to serve you. 

Your Full-Time Delivery Partner! 

Your new friend

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