Why app-based delivery services are more reliable?

In the world where everyone has hectic schedules, erratic work hours and disorderly life have made it very difficult for individuals to prepare or cook meals at home and manage the day to day work with ease.

A big thank you to the on-demand delivery service applications that now people can place an order from their home & easily get it delivered at their doorsteps! You may know some of the famous giants of On-demand delivery service apps like ZomatoPostmates.  

Today people are actively looking for new opportunities in the market to start their own business. The app-based delivery service model has been growing ever since it has come into existence and people are keen to invest in this kind of business model. But what trends have said that people are searching online questions like:

Is it still worth to invest time and money in the on-demand delivery service apps?

Are they still a profitable value proposition?

Well, the answer is yes. The on-demand industry is still booming and there a lot of new players coming in the market with advanced technology and much better customer experience along with their unique value proposition.

And now let’s look at some of the stats on the on-demand delivery industry to support the above answer:

  • As per research by Retailmot, one-fourth of the users have at least one on-demand delivery service app installed on their phones
  • Jakpat did research in Indonesia and found that 13% of people don’t have the time to cook suppers at home, 39% said they are not able to go to a restaurant for the food and 48% of users think on-demand delivery service apps are the best medium to order food.
  • As per Statista, the on-demand delivery service revenue adds up to USD 94,385 Million in 2019
  • The same report also added that the revenue will grow at 9.3% development rate every successive year and reach USD 134,490 Million by 2023.

Today, it seems that the on-demand delivery service apps are divided among industry pioneers like – GRUBHUBFATAFAT, etc. 

FATAFAT is one such on-demand delivery application that has taken over the Indian markets with its unique value proposition. 

Now let’s look into what FATAFAT offers to its customer that it has captured around 30% of Indian Market Share:

FATAFAT is an on-demand delivery app that helps customers to order goods or services from the same app in just a few clicks. It’s India’s first concierge service application with no minimum order amount. You can deliver packages with the help of Fatafat within the city.

So basically, it delivers anything anywhere 🙂 be it food, groceries, medicines, pet supplies, flowers, gifts, and other services. 

The next question which comes in is…

What makes FATAFAT such a reliable and easy to use app?

The main function of any on-demand delivery service apps is to coordinate demand and supply in the fastest way possible. FATAFAT always prioritizes speed and convenience above all. 

  • Authentication is the Key: FATAFAT is a more advanced, secure, and faster way for the authentication- that is by allowing users to log in or register using their social media accounts
  • Visually Informative: FATAFAT allows manual placement of orders by filling in basic information in the form of address info, product info, and customer info. Customer can search for a product or service they need in the search bar the scrolling through the whole catalog 
  • Get Nearest Service Available: Another important feature that FATAFAT gives is that when you order a product it will show you the nearest shop in your area where the product is available. This will save your time and delivery charges. Customer can also live track their order while in transit, you will get push notifications of your order status.
  • Multiple Payment Option: The more is always the merrier for Fatafat gives their customers a choice to choose their payment mode: Debit Card, Net Nanking, App Wallets, etc. Customer can also save their card details for future use 
  • Review and Rating System: FATAFAT provides a feedback mechanism where a customer can review or give ratings to the service given. Review and Rating system gets positive attention towards your brand

Now let’s get you on-boarded on the FATAFAT and meet all your day to day requirements. We are happy to serve you. So, don’t waste your time and order FAST with FATAFAT.

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