Why You Should Start A Franchise For Online Delivery Business Today?

In recent times, the on-demand online delivery business industry has been growing at a rapid pace. According to a report by Harvard Business Review, the on-demand economy is attracting more than 22.4 million consumers annually and $57.6 billion is the spending, and that’s a huge number right?

Customers today are more aware of what’s new and what’s trending in the market than ever! All thanks to the internet. So people are keen to try all new products or services coming up in the market.

Fatafat has revolutionized the online delivery business model with its own unique way by delivering anything from anywhere at any point in time, from food & groceries to meals & medicines, we have got it all covered.

With Fatafat we are not only empowering customers but also giving, one of the biggest opportunities to the people who aspire to be entrepreneurs or businessmen.

“According to Franchise Asia, the franchise industry is growing at a rate of 30-35% per annum and the sales turnover of the sector was recently valued at over US$7 billion in India.”

Adding more to it one of the most renowned and profitable businesses in America are franchises. So, if you’ve always dreamed of being a business owner but don’t want to start from scratch, being a franchise owner is a golden chance to pursue your dreams.

To give you more clarity let’s discuss step by step:

What is a Franchise?

A franchise is a popular business model that licenses an individual or a group to use the company’s name and sell their products or services in a particular region. In exchange, you have to pay an initial fee along with royalties and ongoing support from the company.

What innovation does Fatafat bring?

Fatafat is raising the bar with every task! It is not just an ordinary online delivery business giving franchise but, it is an innovation where your customers can order anything from anywhere. And for you, an opportunity to kick start your entrepreneurial journey with minimal investment cost. 

“Need something to be bought, picked up or delivered at your doorstep? Fatafat will do it in no time.”

Well, that’s interesting, right?

The on-demand industry is booming and you have an opportunity to take this to a whole new level with Fatafat in your city.

Interestingly, the success rate of franchising is 85% compared to the 90% failure in startups. Well the number itself speaks about the success in the franchising business. You will make money from a proven and successful idea.

Need more reasons to start?

Well, here it goes!

Working for yourself:

One of the best things about buying a franchise is that your dream to be an entrepreneur starts with ease. You don’t need to brainstorm to come up with a new business idea, do the market research or bear the risk of starting something new.

Administering the enterprise, from initial site selection to daily operations, will demand hard work, but the business owners will tell you how fulfilling it is to start a company and see it grow. 

Proven System in place:

When you buy a franchise for an online delivery business, you buy the complete system, i.e a set procedure of doing business. Fatafat is established in 15 cities and has done 10 million plus delivery. Having a proven system in place will remove the guesswork and errors commonly faced by entrepreneurs.

In addition to this adhering to the brand guidelines, the franchisor also provides support and guidance for running your business.

Higher success rate:

When you buy a franchise you are buying a proven market concept and business model. If you have a roadmap to follow to bring your business into the market and tap all the potential customer base for the brand.

Another reason for the higher success rate in the online delivery franchise is the ongoing boom in the sector. According to Indian Brand Equity Foundation, the revenue for online delivery business will increase from USD $39 billion in 2017 to $120 billion by 2020 in India. So it gives you an opportunity to capture such a big market capture and earn profits.


Yet another good reason to invest in a franchise is that. You will receive a complete training program set up by the franchisor company. The franchisor will also make sure that your business is running efficiently and help you in eliminating some common risks. Along with this, you will also enjoy the exclusive benefit offered by franchisor like free 24/7 customer service.

Tech Support:

Technology is playing a very important role in online delivery business today. Franchisor companies have years of experience and a better workforce to develop new features and update them, thus you will get superior technology. This acts as a huge boost to entrepreneurs who may struggle to develop the technology on their own.

Wrapping Up:

Congratulations! Now you are well prepared and ready to start with your own Franchise Business. Curious to know more? Click to receive a free consultation from our team to learn more on Fatafat.

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