5 Essential Features of Online Ordering and Delivery Platform

 The online industry has grown immensely in the past few years. This sudden increase has been a massive opportunity for the online delivery vertical. The expanded choice and comfort for customers to order from their mobile phones add acceptance of the market’s online ordering and delivery platform. If you are looking ahead to opt for […]

Perks of becoming a partner with Fatafat!

As an entrepreneur, you might consider becoming a partner to an established business. Eventually, an innovative partnership is a win-win situation for both parties. Once you find a potential partnership business model, the process becomes smooth and reliable. Are you able to locate one? If not, or if you are still in the process of […]

How to scale your grocery business with an online ordering platform?

The year 2020 has taught us to adapt to the requirements. And this pandemic continues to lead us to be flexible and dynamic. Similar to other use cases, grocery shopping is changing too. With a shift of customers towards online channels, grocery stores must master their online experience to get a better survival in the […]

Challenges faced while running a Food Franchise Business

Franchise Business is an excellent business model that has proven to be a smart option for both- the company selling the Franchise and the aspiring entrepreneur who is buying those franchises. For instance, McDonald’s Franchise is a million-dollar franchise business that lets other franchises have made their fair share.  But, sometimes, the perfect business model […]

How to start a Food Franchise Business in 2021?

Are you ready to take the plunge and kickstart your uber like business?  Whether you have been the first-timer or are trying to expand entrepreneurial experiments, starting up with a Food franchise business is a smart decision.  Starting a profitable Franchise business in 2021 might be a logical option for a self-starter to begin with. […]

Fast, safe, convenient, contactless doorstep delivery with Fatafat

Fast, safe, convenient, contactless doorstep delivery – These words are what everyone is wishing for, during this COVID 19 Epidemic. We at FATAFAT understand the need of collective responsibility and hence have made these transactions completely “commission-free” for merchants, with an objective that they earn all the profits that they are making. There is a […]

Effects of Corona Virus On On-Demand Delivery Business

Do you want pizza delivered to your doorstep?  Or maybe some groceries?   Or maybe Medicines?  Or maybe a bottle of wine? The On-demand Delivery Business platform makes it painless!  According to the Harvard Business Report, nearly 22.4 million people across the globe enjoy the comfort that ’On-Demand Delivery Business’ offers. From food delivery to Grocery […]

Starting your Business World with On-demand Industry

Today, Online On-demand Delivery platform services influence a large number of people when it comes to buying products. Their tremendous growth and development have made the entrepreneurs pay attention to starting an on-demand delivery business. Some facts and figures about the on-demand industry: ●   74% of the individuals who have used on-demand delivery services, […]

Reasons why do people order food online On FATAFAT?

The online food ordering market in India is growing and Indian consumers are showing a big appetite for getting their orders delivered to them. They are completely moved by the technological experience and most importantly convenience of getting the orders delivered at their doorstep. When you’re having a long exhausting day at work, having a […]

Reasons to list your store on FATAFAT:

Convenience is one of the main reasons to order your stuff online. It saves time, customers can choose any product or service from a variety of stores available at a lower cost. According to the eServices report, by Statista– The online services revenue worldwide was US$91.4 billion in 2018 is expected to increase to US$156.8 billion […]

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